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The new Stedelijk

I popped into the ‘new’ (extensively renovated and expanded) Stedelijk this afternoon and really enjoyed it. My favorite piece was actually in the Blikopeners (Eye-openers) area in the basement of the new wing. In the area organized by teenagers associated … Continue reading

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Asymmetrical verbs

Two verbs that Dutch people have a problem translating into English are lenen and leren.  In Dutch both verbs can be done by someone and to someone. I’ve heard many Dutch people say ‘He borrowed me it’ (Hij leende mij het) … Continue reading

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“Can Technology End Poverty?”

The problem is that ICT4D [Information & Communications Technology for Development] assumes the very results it seeks to achieve. The human intent and competence ICT4D aims to generate must already be in place for the technology to work. But if … Continue reading

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Punking the Germans

Tons of Dutch brands are doing promotional items for the World Cup and most of the ads involve punking the Germans. Even if you don’t understand Dutch I think you’ll see what I mean:

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Not nice language – International – Court upholds verdict on Hamas chant (the chant being “Hamas, Hamas, gas all the Jews” and the verdict being 80 hours community service) Earlier this year Amsterdam and Rotterdam mayors, Job Cohen and Ahmed Aboutaleb, threatened … Continue reading

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Vote for Me!

As you can see on the side of the page, I need your votes! I submitted a SXSW panel on the European startup scene and I’d love your support so we can go to Austin next Spring and tell everyone … Continue reading

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Total Basketball

2009-06-28: I meant to post this over a month ago! Malcolm Gladwell has a really fascinating article about underdogs using full-court pressing to win in basketball: Annals of Innovation: How David Beats Goliath. He looks at the larger question of … Continue reading

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It’s electric! – International – Watch out – electric cars are coming to Amsterdam Apparently only electric vehicles will be allowed in Dutch city centers. In 2040.

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Stem Cells in the Netherlands – International – Opinion – The Dutch stem cell taboo Unlike some other countries, including the US, the test tube creation of embryos solely for scientific research is prohibited in the Netherlands. This is surprising when you consider the … Continue reading

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Only In Holland

Two cops biking right in front of me pulled over a car.

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