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Money money money!

The world today

Together The Economist’s article on automation and rapidly increasing technologically-created productivity and a NY Times piece on being in the middle of a paradigm shift in power and influence form the best, most complete summary of the world today that … Continue reading

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Introducing the Seattle Project

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here! The last few months have been busy both with work and with family, but I do have something new to share: today the Seattle Project website went live. The project is … Continue reading

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Silly Article But Great Quotes

The Boomers can’t solve the problems created by their own destructive consumption, individual narcissism,  technological immaturity and managerial incompetence. via F The Boomers, Screw the X-ers, Give Gen Y Power Now | Co.Design.

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Because Richard Nixon Was A Communist

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c An Energy-Independent Future Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party Brilliant.

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As of December 2009, median white wealth dipped 34 percent, to $94,600; median black wealth dropped 77 percent, to $2,100. via The New Poor – Blacks in Memphis Lose Decades of Gains –

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there are now four anti-climate lobbyists for every single member of the House and Senate via The Crisis Comes Ashore | The New Republic. You really wonder. And last night I learned that several of my friends don’t think global … Continue reading

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… stranded pink English-persons willing to take any chance to get home, their paradise island retreats mysteriously, after the allotted two weeks, having turned from haven to prison. via Edge 317. Issue 317 of Edge, on the Icelandic volcano, is … Continue reading

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Senate Republicans, united in opposition to the Democrats’ legislation to tighten regulation of the financial system, voted on Monday to block the start of floor debate. The vote was 57 to 41, as Democrats fell short of the 60 votes … Continue reading

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Travel is a human right

The European Union has declared that tourism is a human right and all Europeans are entitled to subsidized travel. via An Important Human Right – Freakonomics Blog – I’m cutting edge: we wrote a manifesto in my Utopias class … Continue reading

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I’ve never heard anyone accuse Zürich, for example, of having a blistering DJ scene, cutting-edge galleries or forward-leaning popup shops. Yet they seem to be doing OK when it comes to the cheddar, you know? via People are creative; industries, … Continue reading

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