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… stranded pink English-persons willing to take any chance to get home, their paradise island retreats mysteriously, after the allotted two weeks, having turned from haven to prison. via Edge 317. Issue 317 of Edge, on the Icelandic volcano, is … Continue reading

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Travel is a human right

The European Union has declared that tourism is a human right and all Europeans are entitled to subsidized travel. via An Important Human Right – Freakonomics Blog – I’m cutting edge: we wrote a manifesto in my Utopias class … Continue reading

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This is proof…

…that the Dutch always have the best looking money. This commemorative €5 coin design was a submission to a Dutch government competition on money and architecture. It was created using Python, the Dutch programming language. Found on the website of … Continue reading

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Oh Brussels

The IHT profiles Brussels’ EU stagiaires. It almost makes me miss the place!

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Danish and Irish EU Referendum Voting

I just posted my LSE Masters dissertation on Danish and Irish EU referendum voting to the papers section of my site.

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Those Ungrateful Bastards!

Normally I really like Roger Cohen’s columns but today’s, “The EU in an Irish bog,” is atrocious. He buys hook, line and sink into the rediculous argument that because the Irish have benefitted significantly from EU membership their No vote … Continue reading

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Consultative Democracy?

Charlemagne | Ask a silly question | The commissioner charged with “communicating Europe to citizens”, Margot Wallstrom, has unveiled proposals for opinion polling to be used “strategically”, so the wrinkles of pan-European opinion are not just taken into account … Continue reading

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Full Steam Ahead

Face value | Mr High-speed Europe | TGV accounts for only one-third of SNCF revenues, but its fat margins lifted the railway to a profit of €695m in 2006, after fees paid to RFF, the track owner, are taken … Continue reading

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iTunes Movie Rentals to Europe

Apple sizes up Europe’s movie-rental market – International Herald Tribune: After introducing a new online film rental service for American consumers last week, Steve Jobs, the chief executive of Apple, said he was “dying” to expand the program to international … Continue reading

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If 200,000 People Protest And No One Reports It, Did It Happen?

200,000 people protested at the EU summit in Lisbon but basically no one reported about it. Very strange.

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