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The new Stedelijk

I popped into the ‘new’ (extensively renovated and expanded) Stedelijk this afternoon and really enjoyed it. My favorite piece was actually in the Blikopeners (Eye-openers) area in the basement of the new wing. In the area organized by teenagers associated … Continue reading

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Asymmetrical verbs

Two verbs that Dutch people have a problem translating into English are lenen and leren.  In Dutch both verbs can be done by someone and to someone. I’ve heard many Dutch people say ‘He borrowed me it’ (Hij leende mij het) … Continue reading

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The Cost of Living in Rotterdam

One of my sister’s friends is looking at applying to a school in Rotterdam and asked me how much things would cost. This was what I said: I’ve been to Rotterdam a few times. It’s a nice enough city, though … Continue reading

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Common Dutch English Mistakes

Despite (or rather because of) being very good English speakers, I’ve noticed many Dutch people making the following mistakes: price versus prize: While both things are represented by the word prijs in Dutch, they have separate words in English. You … Continue reading

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Punking the Germans

Tons of Dutch brands are doing promotional items for the World Cup and most of the ads involve punking the Germans. Even if you don’t understand Dutch I think you’ll see what I mean:

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A nice problem to have “Netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals”

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It’s electric! – International – Watch out – electric cars are coming to Amsterdam Apparently only electric vehicles will be allowed in Dutch city centers. In 2040.

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This is proof…

…that the Dutch always have the best looking money. This commemorative €5 coin design was a submission to a Dutch government competition on money and architecture. It was created using Python, the Dutch programming language. Found on the website of … Continue reading

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Artifical Nature

As the saying goes, God made the world but the Dutch made the Netherlands. Of course, no landscape is untouched: walk through the British countryside and what seems to be untouched forests and hills turn out be forests planted several … Continue reading

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Holland’s Finest

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