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there are now four anti-climate lobbyists for every single member of the House and Senate via The Crisis Comes Ashore | The New Republic. You really wonder. And last night I learned that several of my friends don’t think global … Continue reading

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The Americanization of Mental Illness

Fascinating piece in the NY Times.

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A Thinkin’ Man

Why Don’t We Value Teachers? – GOOD Blog – GOOD A new piece by Arne Duncan, the United States Education Secretary, starts out fairly predictably: He praises the fine, difficult work teachers do, repeats the sentiment that they “deserve” better … Continue reading

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Monkey Music

Tamarin monkeys aren’t wild about human music but they like music specially composed for them.

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Stem Cells in the Netherlands – International – Opinion – The Dutch stem cell taboo Unlike some other countries, including the US, the test tube creation of embryos solely for scientific research is prohibited in the Netherlands. This is surprising when you consider the … Continue reading

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The Impulse for Morality

Is morality innate? Is there a biological basis for it? Is it universal? The NY Times Magazine has a very interesting piece called“The Moral Instinct” covering these questions.

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Elephant Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder

Check out this amazing article on elephant trama and how it is the same as what humans experience.

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Drugs Are Good

The SF Chronical has a fun little opinion piece about the latest in psychadelics research.

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Who knew?

It turns out lactic acid is not bad for you but is actually the best fuel for muscles. The conventional wisdom that lactic acid production was bad is just plain wrong but ironically enough athletic training had already come to … Continue reading

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Medical Marijuana

The Economist has a nice little article on medical marijuana and the current regulatory atmosphere in the US.

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