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Abortion and the Separation of Church and State

A friend watching the West Wing asked me to explain why a priest would discuss being ‘pro-life’ and versus ‘partial birth’ with a politician and what that means in terms of the separation of church and state. I ended up … Continue reading

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Punking the Germans

Tons of Dutch brands are doing promotional items for the World Cup and most of the ads involve punking the Germans. Even if you don’t understand Dutch I think you’ll see what I mean:

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No, I ACCEPTED it. I moved with it. I believe in MOTION. I believe in CHAOS. I believe in taking what happens as inevitable. Lightning STRIKES. It RAINS. You get ILL. You get NOMINATED. The photon SHATTERS the molecule, the … Continue reading

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Census Insanity

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Iggy Pop

One of the coolest dudes around. And David Bowie is supporting him on piano!!!!

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On Message

The TV Watch – For President, Five Programs, One Message – Wow. As the article says, talk about sticking to one message!

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Pakistani Fetsh Wear

The NY Times has a fascinating video profile of two Pakistani brothers that have a successful business exporting fetsh clothes to the US.

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Thanks to Boing Boing, I now know about Brother Theodore.

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In The Minority

Games in Beijing Open With a Lavish Ceremony – At 8 p.m. on the eighth day of the eighth month in the year 2008 — eight being a lucky number in China — the world looked toward Beijing and … Continue reading

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Video Road Hogs Stir Fear of Internet Traffic Jam – New York Times Last year, by one estimate, the video site YouTube, owned by Google, consumed as much bandwidth as the entire Internet did in 2000. No wonder Google is … Continue reading

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