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Jobs? We don’t need no stickin’ jobs!

This: Are jobs obsolete?

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Retirement’s No Problem!

I attended an interesting lecture last night put on by the University of Chicago GSB alumni club. Professor Erik Hurst gave an interesting talk about pensions. He argues that the old saw that people aren’t saving enough for retirement is … Continue reading

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That’s not your only problem

BBC NEWS | UK | ‘Bring on the property crash’ I understand that it’s hard to buy a house in the UK when you’re young and making a basic salary. But what’s unsaid in this article is that you have … Continue reading

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Mensa-Level Thinking

Bernanke Nods at Possibility of a Recession – New York Times In his bleakest economic assessment to date, the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, said Wednesday that the American economy could contract in the first half of 2008, meeting … Continue reading

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“Totally Spent”

Robert Reich’s “Totally Spent” Op/Ed in the New York Times is quite good.

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