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Fantastic introduction to cycling in the Netherlands

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Punking the Germans

Tons of Dutch brands are doing promotional items for the World Cup and most of the ads involve punking the Germans. Even if you don’t understand Dutch I think you’ll see what I mean:

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A nice problem to have

nrc.nl: “Netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals”

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It’s electric!

nrc.nl – International – Watch out – electric cars are coming to Amsterdam Apparently only electric vehicles will be allowed in Dutch city centers. In 2040.

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Stem Cells in the Netherlands

nrc.nl – International – Opinion – The Dutch stem cell taboo Unlike some other countries, including the US, the test tube creation of embryos solely for scientific research is prohibited in the Netherlands. This is surprising when you consider the … Continue reading

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Only In Holland

Two cops biking right in front of me pulled over a car.

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This is proof…

…that the Dutch always have the best looking money. This commemorative €5 coin design was a submission to a Dutch government competition on money and architecture. It was created using Python, the Dutch programming language. Found on the website of … Continue reading

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Year in Review

Well, it’s the New Year, so I guess it’s a good time to look back on the last year This is a long post but I think the pictures add a lot. If you want to see even more photos, … Continue reading

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Holland’s Finest

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Banking Thoughts

I just got off the phone with Charles Schwab and I’m got some stuff to say. First, I was shocked when the person helping me didn’t know how to answer my questions immediately. I had gotten so used to solving … Continue reading

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