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“Oppressions Other Than Love: Pakistan in a Rainy Season”

My friend Qalandar has gone back to Pakistan and has been working for democracy. Below is the introduction to his editorial for the next issue of Naked Punch. I hope you enjoy it. A renowned poem of Faiz Ahmed Faiz … Continue reading

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The BEAST’s 50 Most Loathsome of 2007

From The BEAST: 9. You Charges: You believe in freedom of speech, until someone says something that offends you. You suddenly give a damn about border integrity, because the automated voice system at your pharmacy asked you to press 9 … Continue reading

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The NY Times story on the CIA tapes had this interesting note: The CIA has said that the Justice Department and other elements of the executive branch reviewed and approved the use of a set of harsh techniques before they … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has a very interesting op/ed piece about African-American poverty called “Forty acres and a gap in wealth”.

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Can a Video Game Be Subversive?

Interesting review of Blacksite: Area 51 on Wired. It looks like Harvey Smith, of Deus Ex fame, has put together another politically compelling game.

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Death Penalty Focus

Death Penalty Focus is a group I’ve been following for a while on their email list and I really admire their work. Mostly (completely?) based in California, they work to end the death penalty. They sponsor lectures, protests, letter writing … Continue reading

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Law Shmaw!

Last night I watched Larry Lessig’s corruption lecture and I just finished Tim Wu’s interesting piece on how laws stop being enforced. The latter directly ties into the first as my immediate response from Wu’s piece was to wonder why … Continue reading

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