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8 vs 160

High-Speed Rail Gains Traction in Spain – NYTimes.com In the United States, President Barack Obama has set aside $8 billion in federal stimulus money for investments in high-speed rail, but the money will go to a limited number of states, … Continue reading

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Pakistani Fetsh Wear

The NY Times has a fascinating video profile of two Pakistani brothers that have a successful business exporting fetsh clothes to the US.

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“How the Crash Will Reshape America”

Declining cities, mass transit, velocity, spikiness, creative clusters, incentives, urban geography – this article by  Richard Florida covers just about everything we’re interested in at the Seattle Project.

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We need another border fence

Artifacts from the Future: Bumper Stickers of 2018

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Way To Rub It In

Judge rules White House aides can be subpoenaed – International Herald Tribune Bates, who was appointed to the bench by Bush, issued a 93-page opinion that strongly rejected the administration’s legal arguments. He noted that the executive branch could not … Continue reading

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Los Angeles’ carbon footprint is a light one — sort of – Los Angeles Times “The Mississippi River roughly divides the country into high and low emitters,” it says. “In 2005, all but one of the 10 largest per capita … Continue reading

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Banking Thoughts

I just got off the phone with Charles Schwab and I’m got some stuff to say. First, I was shocked when the person helping me didn’t know how to answer my questions immediately. I had gotten so used to solving … Continue reading

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He’s One of Ours

Pakistani Party’s Leader Chooses a Prime Minister – New York Times The Bush administration has made it clear in strong but indirect ways, lawyers say, that it opposes the restoration of the chief justice because of fears that Mr. Musharraf, … Continue reading

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“More then 1 in 100 American adults is in prison, report finds” – International Herald Tribune For the first time in history, more than one in 100 American adults is behind bars, according to a new report.Nationwide, the prison population … Continue reading

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Cynics: Realists you don’t agree with yet

diesel sweeties: pixelated robot romance web comic Too true.

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