Here are some songs I created in GarageBand. Enjoy!

Chicago Highlife - MP3 | GarageBand
My first GarageBand creation, this song is pretty basic and only a minute long. I like the sound, though it could definitely use some work, particularly with the volume levels.

Mac Lab Funk - MP3 | GarageBand
This is my second track, and it shows, as the arrangement is better and it's twice as long.

Rollin' Grooves - MP3 | GarageBand
Another track, this time more like a rock song. It sounds ok, though I need to find some interesting guitar loops.

Mac Lab Funk (Crerar Remix) - MP3 | GarageBand
In Crerar I discovered the track volume control that I had been wanting from the creation of my first song. I don't know if the other versions were outdatted, but the one I used for this remix of the song was GarageBand 2. Nothing is changed in this song except for the volume levels, which are tweaked to come in and out as appropriate.

Chicago Highlife (Crerar Remix) - MP3 | GarageBand
I gave "Chicago Highlife" the same volume remix treatment. I think the end of the song is much improved.

Alone in the Night - MP3
This is a remix, if you will, of The Eagles song "One of These Nights". It's quite dark and atmospheric, and I'm quite proud of it. I actually didn't use GarageBand for this, but instead used Audacity.