Here are various stand-alone projects I've worked on over the years.

Collective Power Index
In development
I've been thinking about the concept of power and how nebulous it is. Since it is really a measure of how people react, I thought it would be interesting to create a site where people can say who they think are powerful. While one person may give weird votes, together the aggregate list should be quite interesting.

The Manni and Pete Show
Off the air
From January to March 2006 I co-hosted a radio show on PuLSE FM, the LSE student radio station. I have put some of the shows online. Hopefully Manni and I will be able to find a new venue this summer.

Blue Planet Wiki
In development
This is a wiki I host and work on for the roleplaying game Blue Planet. It came into being thanks to some discussions on the Yahoo! Groups Blue Planet mailing list, and I have been joined by several other members of the list in working on the wiki. If you're interested in Blue Planet or would like to help other Blue Planet players, check it out.

Flash Cards
No longer in development
This was a small website I tossed together when I was trying to teach myself Hungarian. I didn't get much done, though I did write this flash card site. Basically, you choose from a word list and then a word in one language. You can "flip" the card and see its equivalent in the other language. If anyone else would like to use it (and not just for Hungarian, it's open-ended in terms of languages supported), just tell me. I'll set you up with an admin account so you can create word lists.

UofC Marketplace Apartment Tool
No longer in development
I was annoyed at the limited search functions of the UofC's marketplace website when trying to find an apartment last spring. Solution? Write a script that crawls the website, scraps off data about new entries, and then creates apartment and lister entries in a database, allowing me to search it easily. I haven't had it crawl for a long time, so the entries are quite out of date. I also disabled the admin functionality so if any loser follows the link he can't wipe out my database.

Volunteer Conference Presentation
John Fogelsong and I gave a talk 6 (7?) years ago about our group ValleyVolunteer and how non-profit organizations could effectively use the internet. They're probably not worth anything (hey, I was 15!) except as historical pieces, but I figured it might be interesting.